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Phil is dedicated to assisting educators as they leverage new technologies to enhance classroom practice, and he supports schools at all levels: from the individual teacher’s classroom practice through to whole school ICT strategy.

'...it is clear that all schools will need to adopt a systematic planning cycle for the training and updating of ICT and other staff.'
Ofsted ICT in Schools 2008-2011

Generally, schools will need to improve their approach to the evaluation of the impact of ICT on pupils’ achievements to ensure that resources are used to best effect.
Ofsted ICT in Schools 2008-2011

The good and outstanding schools visited had a comprehensive approach to curriculum planning, both for ICT in its own right and for ICT across the curriculum.
Ofsted ICT in Schools 2008-2011

Planning for Success with Technology-Enhanced Learning

Schools and educational establishments face tough decisions when it comes to expenditure on technology.
Attractive teacher with laptopThe pressures to embrace new trends and technological initiatives do not always balance against budgetary considerations or staff competence with integrated ICT.

All schools need clear strategies which are both realistic and robust in order to avoid adopting reactive practices to the constant shifts in the 'edtech' world. Planning ahead with the right framework and vision enables schools to get the best out of the technology available to them and thus have a greater chance of fully enhancing the learning experience for the pupils.

In order for technology-enhanced learning to become an integral part of the teaching and learning strategy in any school, we help, support and advise on:

  • Auditing, analysing and reporting on the current position of technology-enhanced learning in your school to better inform short, medium and long-term objectives
  • Ensuring school policies clearly state commitment and belief through a clear and comprehensive outline of agreed and expected targets for use
  • Ensuring Faculty and Departmental policy and planning reflect the school's stated aims
  • Enabling embedded strategy for technology-enhanced learning to be reflected in individual teacher appraisal and overall performance management targets.

'In...schools judged to be good or outstanding...Teachers were always looking out for new ways of incorporating ICT to stimulate students or to extend their learning. Confident and enthusiastic teachers were also able to learn from students. These teachers understood that ICT was not the complete solution to meeting their students’ needs, but rather a tool to be applied selectively.

Ofsted ICT in Schools 2008-2011

Supporting Leaders

When embedding technology across the curriculum, Senior Managers should plan professional development in the school year based on the needs of their teachers and their targets, which in turn will be reflected in departmental plans.

We can assist Senior Leaders to:

  • Communicate a clearly defined plan for integrated technology as a principal vehicle for raising attainment.
  • Implement induction programmes that sustain opportunities for staff training, mentoring and support
  • Drive the process of introducing, developing, integrating, and evaluating technology-enhanced learning across the school

Supporting Teachers

We offer mentoring and training services to enable teachers transition smoothly into using technology correctly, rather than employing commonly observed 'token use of ICT' approaches. Sensitive to the issues surrounding teacher adoption of technology-enhanced learning, and the insecurities faced by many who do not consider themselves 'tech-savvy', we aim to provide a friendly, approachable and carefully phased service of professional development that instills confidence and trust.

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Implementing Mobile Learning

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BYOD or Tablets? Android or iOS? Chromebooks or Surface? Wi-Fi up to scratch? 1-to-1 or class sets?

The options can be bewildering, but we can help you with a comprehensive programme of guidance and support whether you are introducing, or already commencing, the use of Mobile Learning into schools.

As well as assisting in selecting the best plan of action for your individual needs, we can also provide the induction, training and mentoring necessary to ensure your mobile learning solution is used to its fullest potential.

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Computing 2014: Are you Ready?

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From September 2014, Computing will be a compulsory subject in the National Curriculum.

With a demanding and rigorous specification involving programming, coding, digital literacies and creative media, make sure you are fully ready to deliver the best learning experiences for your students.

We provide advice and support which enables teachers to make the right choices and access the best resoruces, whether it's choosing between Raspberry Pis or Arduino sets, or seeking materials for Python or Scratch.

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